Talks with a first class service provider.....

Iron Horse Transport is a Boston area based company that caters to the needs of motorcyclists in the area.  Founder, Thom Calantropo, started this business because he saw a real need for high quality, short haul motorcycle transportation.  Working in the motorcycle retail business he saw too many motorcycles that were damaged by well meaning tow truck drivers.  

Thom built Iron Horse around the belief that every bike would treated like it was his own.  Having moved thousands of bikes (just think about motorcycle dealerships moving all those bikes outside every day and bringing them in every night) has given Thom the experience to safely handle any bike.  With bikes being as expensive as they are, you want it transported correctly.

One example of his first class service earned a write-up in Red Rider magazine (Honda Riders Club).  On the Friday afternoon of Memorial Day Weekend, A couple called the Honda Rider's Club from Fanuel Hall saying that their motorcycle wouldn't start.  The service called Iron Horse and gave him the location and symptoms.  As Thom headed out for the pickup he called Parkway Cycle to inform them that he was going to pick up a new bike that wouldn't start.  The dealership agreed to give the bike priority when it arrived.  Iron Horse picked up the bike and its thankful owners, explained to them the arrangements he had just made, and brought them to the dealership.  The bike was brought right into the service area, quickly repaired, and before long the happy couple were on their way.  They were so impressed with the service that they wrote a letter to the magazine.

In addition to emergency roadside service, Iron Horse offers transportation to and from service centers, storage facilities, vacation homes and so on.  Does your bike need service? Iron Horse can pick it up (from your home, work, or anywhere else), take it in for service, and deliver it back.  You don't have to take a day off from work or rearrange your weekend schedule.  Iron Horse takes care of it for you.

Don't have time to really clean your bike?  Iron Horse offers a motorcycle detailing service as well.  Got a dry and safe place to store your bike?  Guess what?  Iron Horse offers storage at very affordable prices.  Going somewhere?  Iron Horse offers worldwide shipping.

Last year, Iron Horse transported an average of 7 bikes every single day for the entire Summer.  Not one bike was damaged.  Why trust your bike to anyone else?

Iron Horse currently transports for the following organizations:

Cross Country Motor Club

Road America 

  • Honda Riders Club of America

  • Harley Owners Group

  • BMW

  • Bros. Club

  • Yamaha Royal Star

MTS (Motorcycle Towing Service)

  • AMA

Iron Horse has pickup and delivery agreements with these local businesses

Boston Harley-Davidson Cycles! 128
Greater Boston Motorsports Riverside Kawasaki
BMW of Cambridge Dunbar Motorsports
Parkway Cycles

Iron Horse Transport will most likely have received their custom built 32' motorcycle trailer in time for the bike events next year.  This will allow them to offer their first class transportation service to all the major motorcycle events around the country.  Call now to ensure your spot.

First Class Transportation

  • Myrtle Beach

  • Daytona Bike Week

  • Daytona Octoberfest

  • Sturgis

  • Honda Hoot

When I asked Thom what he liked most about his job he didn't hesitate to answer.  "People love to see me and I then get to help them"

For more info contact Iron Horse Transport:

P.O. Box 1011

Melrose, MA 02176

Phone/Fax (781) 665-6529

Emergency Cell (617) 922-4272