Cross Country Motor Club
4040 Mystic Valley Pkwy.
Medford, MA. 02155
Attn. Meredith Trainor

Having only recently returned to the riding community after a 20 plus year absence, my wife and I have been slowly extending the length of our rides as our skills and confidence improve. We love our Nighthawk 750 and the time spent riding two up is the perfect stress reliever. On Friday, Sept. 1, (yes ,the start of the frantic Labor Day weekend) we decided to take our first big trip to the heart of
Boston, MA. , a round trip of about 130 miles. After a leisurely "C" lunch at Faneuil Hall we began the trip home at the height of the afternoon rush hour and, promptly broke down in the middle of the largest road construction project in the country, the famous Big Dig! Frantic and panic stricken do not even come close!!! Cynically, I suggested that my wife call the H.R.C.A. 800 number and perhaps they would come and help us !

My cynicism was undeserved and short lived when in an amazingly short time help did arrive in the form of
Thom Calantropo of Iron Horse Transport. In the heart of a grid locked, construction torn city he loaded our crippled ride and assured us he had made arrangements for our bike to be looked at as soon as we arrived at the dealer.

Upon arrival at Parkway Cycle we and our bike were whisked into a comfortable, clean and very busy dealership and diagnostic work started instantly. After another short time the technician had uncovered the problem, a faulty fuel petcock, which he skillfully repaired and we were on our way! My first reaction was disbelief, as total strangers we had been treated as if we were long lost friends. Then realization that, as riders, we were!! This is the spirit of riding that is so important to us. THANK YOU Thom, Chris, and the rest of the staff at Parkway Cycle, and of course the H.R.C.A. for reaffirming our faith in this wonderful sport of motorcycle riding!!

Sincerely, Carl Winnett
cc: Iron Horse Transport
cc: Parkway Cycle Service Dept.